Business Intelligence (BI) taking the lead on EOS Directory

The last three months showed again a lot of user activity on EOS Directory. Many thousands of project pages views indicate what concerns and interests the EOS Directory users most. And the winner is… Pentaho with quite a significant lead! Pentaho made approximately 4.1% of all the project page views, followed by Alfresco that seems to be able to catch up with KnowledgeTree soon. vtiger CRM made forth over the last 3 months with significant lead to rival – SugarCRM that only came in 15th.Sixteen projects of the top 25 – are business applications, ECM the most dominant. This clearly supports the trend that Enterprises more and more consider Open Source business applications as components of their IT landscapes.The top 25 represent roughly 26% of all the project page views, the top 4 10%. While there are clear leaders on the top the distribution after rank 25 is quite flat.So compared to earlier rankings the changes are not substantial, but the interest in good open source business applications, namely in the ECM, BI and CRM/ERP segment, is still going to increase.

InfoWorld names the best – best of open source awards 2009

The 2009 InfoWorld Bossies - Best of Open Source Awards

As every year InfoWorld announced the winner of the Bossies, the “Best of Open Source Awards” 2009. Looking at the results there were few surprises, many of the winners were at the top already last years. Read the article in full detail here.For our readers here two relevant “best lists”:Best of Open Source Enterprise Software

  • Compiere
  • DimDim
  • Drupal
  • Intalio BPM
  • Jaspersoft BI suite
  • Magento
  • OpenBravo
  • Pentaho BI Suite
  • Piwik
  • SugarCRM
  • WordPress

Hall of Fame – top 10 Open Source technologies

  1. Linux kernel
  2. GNU utilities and compilers
  3. Ubuntu
  4. BSD (3x)
  5. Samba
  6. MySQL
  7. Bind
  8. SendMail
  9. OpenSSH and OpenSSL
  10. Apache (web server)

It’s good to see that all of the above technologies also are listed on EOS Directory. And looking into the details shows that there’s no real difference in opinion neither.