Global Service Jam 2011 - Service Design Innovation

On March 11th the first Global Service Jam takes place in more than 60 cities worldwide.

The Global Service Jam will take place from 11-13 March in more than 60 towns and cities worldwide. The idea has its roots in the Nürnberg Creative Hotspots Network. Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence of Work•Play•Experience set the ball rolling when they were inspired to try a new approach to Service Design Innovation, packing the theme into a 48 hour event. The Open Source Business Foundation is the main sponsor of this innovative format, which was conceived and organised wholly according to Open Source principles.

The non-profit event is focussed on reinventing service and lifting user experience to a new level. With this goal in mind, designers, businesspeople, service professionals, academics and students will gather worldwide on the 11th of March, united by a common theme: they want to completely reassess what we understand as "service", exploring new structures and revolutionising it with new business models. The customer experience is always central - how does the customer experience the service offered, and how can the experience be improved - fundamentally and sustainably.

The participants will work in teams, in a spirit of experimentation, innovation and critical creativity. In two days, they will develop prototypes for completely new services. At the end of the weekend, the collection of new services will be published for the world.


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